Tarot Cards

Am thinking of maybe creating some cute whimsical tarot cards with a nature and animal themes. Any people out there who like to use tarot cards think it would be a cool idea? Any thoughts on animals you would like to see?

New Art Ideas

So I’ve been thinking of a new idea for my photography and painting and combining the two together. I love to paint abstract work with bright colors and shimmery golds. Would love to incorporate my images into my paintings and still be cohesive.

New Etsy Shop

I am creating a new Etsy shop where I will sell my woodblock printed pillows which will have silly phrases and also whimsical original artwork which is nature and animal inspired. I am waiting on my printmaking supplies which should come this week, can’t wait! Already have my fabric and stuffing. Am excited to create some cute pillows!

This Weekend…

So I’ve been looking at a lot of surreal photography artists and all the great images I saw got me into a creative mood, and have a couple of neat ideas for some new shots. I got a new lens for Christmas, finally I own a  Lensbaby- Edge 80 Optic (thank you black friday sale)!   Sooooo, if it doesn’t rain over the weekend, for sure am gonna take it out and take some shots.  I did take this xmas themed photo with it to test it out, I love it. BeigliHDR